• Study and Analysis of the Future usefulness of NFts.
• Markets Forecast and Platforms Emerging.
• Big Brainstormings.

 Art & Concept Development.
 Start with the Creation of the Project ID.
 First Approach to the Main Metaverse Platforms.

 Selection and Invitations the First Artists.
 Choice of the First Collections to be Presented.
 Preparation of the First COFFEE Collections.

 Web Design & Code the Website Structure.
 Platform Choice – RARIBLE.
 Preparation of Social Networks.

 Project Public Launch & Fundraising.
 Announcement Mint Date on RARIBLE Platform.
 DAO System – Launched and Ready to Participate.
 Listing COFFEE Project on NFTs Directories & Websites.

 Public Launch & Minting.
 FIRST DROP – NFTs Ready to Mint on Rarible.
 Grow Web3 Community & Social Networks.
 Launch More COFFEE Collections.

 Regular New COFFEE Drops.
SECOND DROP – Opensea Marketplace.
 Announcing More Upcoming Plans & Star 3D Coffee Production.
 Preparing to Immerse into the Metaverse Fully.

 Feed Rarible Marketplace with new collections.
 Feed Opensea Marketplace with new collections.
 Implementation 3D VR Gallery for all Collections.
Implementation of Tipping System.
Explore new Platforms and Marketplaces to spread more coffee mug collections.

 Start Web3 Dapp “Road Map” Development Platform.
  Continue to feed the Marketplaces with new collections of coffee mugs.
Building the Design models to future integration in our infrastructure.
First Testnet – Backend.