When will the COFFEES launch take place to be able to Mint?

The Official COFFEES are ready to Mint on Multichain NFT Marketplaces. Our team consists of perfectionists, and we are driven to make sure all moving parts around this project are working togeder seamlessly. Stay tuned in our Social Network for updates!

What is the cost to Mint a COFFEE?

Mint’s price is different from platform to platform, as it can also vary on time and on networks.

How many collections will be created?

In the first phase, we create 9 collections that are ready to be mint on the Rarible platform, the second are available on Opensea and the third on Solsea. Check the collections available to date.

How many COFFEES will be available per collection?

There is no right number of COFFEES to be created and available per collection, it will depend on our creatives and the community.

What will be the regularity of the new drops?

Every month we will release new categories and collections. They will always be announced on social media.

How to buy a COFFEE?

You can buy now your coffee, just have an associated wallet for example “metamask.io” and shopping!

Will there be a secondary market?

Yes, we will list on different secondary markets, Stay tuned in our Social Network for updates!

Is there going to be a game?

We are currently working with diferent Devs and Metaverse platforms to preparing the entire system so that our COFFEES can be transported and assimilated to different technologies.

Why COFFEE nfts?

Because the team is extremely solid. Each Mind involved in the project is an elite own craft. The elegance and precise design we created has build some extremely advanced NFTs that sit among the most detailed design.

How do I make money from COFFEES?

You can Minting as many COFFES as you want, you become the owner of the COFFEES, and how many more COFFEES you Buy/Collect, you are creating extra value! You can always Sell for more than the purchase price and assign the % of Royalties you want for Life!

Who can i talk to about collaborating?

The COFFEE Team always keeps an open mind for collaborations, brainstormings, envolving as a connected society, and making the world a better place. If you´d like to chat, just drop us a line: coffee@zitron.pt

I´m totally new to NFTs and crypto, can someone help me get started?

If you are reading this and are new to the NFT/Crypto sphere. Congratulations! You are on the right track. There is no right answer for the best way to get started, but anyone from our team or moderators world be delighted to help guide and kickstar your journey in the limitless world of crypto, and the rapidly evolving in the Web3.